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When soliciting bids for your current or upcoming projects don't hesitate to Mail, Phone, Fax, E-mail us or fill out the online form. Your request will be answered within two business days.

Attn: Sallie J. Sylvester
Sallie's Wholesale & Construction, Inc.
728 Park Ave. East • PO box 1266 • Mansfield, OH 44901

Phone: 419.524.7973 • Fax: 419.524.7974 • Email: sallie_s@sallieswholesale.com

MBE, DBE, WBE, SDB, and EDGE Certified. Fully Insured. Call today!
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We gladly accept the following methods of payment:
Certified in – Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi